What Can I Do When Depressed or Anxious?

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Feeling Depressed or Anxious?

Do you feel powerless when you are depressed?  Do you feel out of control when you are anxious?  I do.  In my past, I have suffered under the weight of some major depression and anxiety.  There were days when I had to make myself get out of bed.  It was work!

Train Your Brain

Sometimes when we are depressed or anxious, we are not thinking about solutions; we are seemingly only able to feel depression and/or anxiety.  We can, however, train ourselves to think about solutions.

Solutions for Depression and Anxiety

Over the years, I have developed an acronym for what to do to improve your mood.  The letters of the acronym are SWEEDBYSS.  Here is the acronym:


Write (Journal)

Eat healthy


Dogs (Pet one)





Overcoming Depression is Up to You

At any time you want, you can do most of the things on the above list.  Certainly, there are times when you will want to talk about your feelings, which is good!  We also, however, need to act our way out of depression and/or anxiety–by doing something!  You can choose to walk outside in the sun or to pet a dog.  You can choose to go to a yoga class or to socialize or call a friend.  If you are having trouble making these choices, then call for a free consultation at 704-457-1789.  What is holding you back?

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