• We feel blessed to have found Jeff! Our teenage son came to us with feelings of anxiety and depression. It felt deeper to us than teenage angst. We immediately sought professional help and therapy for him and were ultimately referred to Jeff. Jeff's style is open, unassuming, and thoughtful. He listens and encourages dialogue. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. My son is flourishing under his care. He has a sense that he is safe in his discussions and that he is heard. We have been encouraged from the beginning to participate in his sessions, when appropriate. The family dynamic has changed and we have all grown along with our son. Jeff has had a huge role in that, and we are so grateful. We would recommend Jeff without hesitation!

    Nikki M.
  • I felt heard!  I gained a better understanding of myself and my issues.  Jeff helped me to see some of my strengths and resources, and he helped me connect different parts of my life.

    Justin A.
  • Jeff understands, teaches, and practices effective communication skills such as mirroring, in order to ensure that both children and parents accurately hear and understand each others’ perspectives. He taught me these skills and I teach them to my clients in my work as a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician.  I highly recommend him as a counselor!!  

    Emily K., M.D.
  • Are you looking for a counselor who can empathize with adolescents and adults--and make them feel comfortable? If so, go see Jeff!  My daughter is very tentative about "seeing" or talking to a counselor or therapist. After I introduced her to Jeff, it wasn't long before she was opening up and felt at ease. Jeff does seem to "get it" and his life experiences help contribute to his understanding of how to approach and "deal" with the individual. Jeff truly cares about his patients and, again, I highly recommend him and his services!

  • Thank you for all of your help this year!  I was able to understand myself more and grow with your guidance.

    Ramesh Y.